About Us


From its humble beginning as a tobacco leaf and products export company to becoming a conglomerate with global presence in diversified fields in SPICES & Sea food ,Vazeer has come a long way with an unwavering focus on quality and commitment to meeting customer needs. Vazeer has secured many such international contracts and moved from success to success . At the same time we believe in being socially responsible by taking several initiatives for the under privileged and implementing sustainable practices.

Integrity, enterprises and sheer hard work of Mr. Al Haj Mastan saheb has led the company in the trial of brink progress . It is the profound knowledge and passion for the tobacco industry of each of the board of directors that the company has been able to flourish over the decades.

We believe the sole purpose of our existence is to meet the customer specification and to deliver customized solutions catering to the smallest need of the clients.

- Board of Directors.

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